James Beard Taste Louisville Pop-Up Dinner 

The James Beard Foundation’s Taste America held a Pop-Up Dinner on, Jan. 13 at Anoosh Bistro. Guests were treated to a one-of-a-kind menu crafted by visiting and local all-stars Maneet Chauhan of Nashville and Anoosh Shariat of Louisville. The evening’s selections included a Malabar Crab Cake with Coconut, Mango Slaw and Panch Phoran Chutney, as well as a Pistachio Genoise.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Chef Maneet Chauhan, Chef Anoosh Shariat, Heather and Kaveh Zamanian and Kris Moon of the James Beard Foundation.

  • Tom Stout and Melinda Harned with Pam and Rene Stephens from Iowa.

  • Doug, Donna and Clodean Rodgers from Alabama.

  • Chef Anoosh Shariat, Kiel Dowlin, Gretchen Leiterman and Steve Bass.

  • Molly Jones and Jean Wells.

  • Rene Cassaro and Michelle Jones.

  • Meredith and Chris Brown.

  • Todd Skaggs and Matt Cassaro.

  • Kris Moon, Chef Anoosh Shariat and Chef Maneet Chauhan with Terri and Steve Bass.

  • James Gregg, Cissy Musselman and Chef Anoosh Shariat.

  • James Gregg, Cissy Musselman, Chef Anoosh Shariat and Chef Maneet Chauhan.

  • Janice Carter Levitch and Chef Anoosh Shariat.

  • Peng Looi, Adam, Ling Chiu and Al Kiani.

  • Venkat and Dr. Neeli Bendapudi and Paula Barmore.

  • Venkat and Dr. Neeli Bendapudi and Paula Barmore.

  • Patience and Erica Fields.

  • Steve Bass and Dr. Neeli Bendapudi.

  • Chefs Anoosh Shariat and Maneet Chauhan.

  • Chefs Anoosh Shariat and Maneet Chauhan.

  • Sarah Martin, Mary Nixon, Maria Gurren and Michael Wade Smith.

  • Mary Marrow and Ted Nixon.

  • Beth Andrews and Karen Graehler.

  • Paul Neumann, Arloa Eckels and Gina South.

  • Drew Hutchinson and Kristie Duve.

  • Patrick and Katy Garvey.

  • Drew Hutchinson, Jenn Dunavan and Kristie Duve.

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