Garden & Gun 15th Anniversary Celebration

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

On April 2, Garden & Gun Magazine celebrated 15 years at The Garden & Gun Club in Stitzel-Weller Distillery. David DiBenedetto, Senior Vice President and Editor in Chief of the publication, hosted an intimate cocktail hour and dinner to commemorate their milestone anniversary.

  • Lindsay Fleege, Christine Williams, Annie Courtenay, Rebecca Darwin, David DiBenedetto and Jana Robinson.

  • Christian Bryant, Mayor of Shively, Beverly Chester-Burton, Jeff Parrott Brown, Councilwoman Tiffany Burton-McBroom and Rebecca Darwin.

  • Kevin Donovan and David DiBenedetto.

  • Christian Bryant, Dwight McNeil and Brian Noyes of Red Truck Bakery.

  • Dwight McNeil and Brian Noyes of Red Truck Bakery.

  • Dwight McNeil, Brian Noyes and Christian Bryant.

  • Jana Robinson, Lindsay Fleege and Christine Williams.

  • Colleen Glenn, Mallory McClurg and Joseph Stinchcomb.

  • Annie Courtenay and Sonja Scott.

  • Michael Fountas and David Liu.

  • Ben Sollee and his cello.

  • Ben Sollee and his cello.

  • Tom Wilmes and Isaiah Scott.

  • Michael Fetter, Ashley Cuyjet, Stacey Yates, Seth Thompson and Natasha Thompson.

  • Libby Callaway and Savannah Yarborough.

  • Cristina Lynch and Collin Bird.

  • Brent Bruner, Gen Sohr, Benjamin Sohr and Matthew Carter.