The Voice Fall Release Party

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

The release of our Fall glossy issue was celebrated at Volare Ristorante on September 7. Guests and contributors enjoyed the newly renovated space while browsing through the new issue, which includes a number of features on the visual and performing arts scene in Louisville.

  • Allison Lewis, Erin Gillespie, Madison Ewing and Yamilca Rodriguez of Louisville Bespoke.

  • Lolita Kendrick and Jeff Slyn.

  • Pat Domke and Wayne Wakeen.

  • Steve Stone and Allie Rae.

  • Matthew and Kathleen Conway.

  • Jason Schmidt, Kathleen Conway and Matthew Conway.

  • Nick Morris and Joan Noles.

  • Lori McGrath, Danny Pierce and Karen Pierce.

  • Lori McGrath, Danny Pierce and Karen Pierce.

  • Gail Schank, Sara Winslow and Suzi Lazzari.

  • Liz Percival and Julie Broghamer.

  • Olive Mackey and Donna Sanders.

  • Olive Mackey, Alicia Awkard and Kara Mackey.

  • Barbara Melillow and Denise Debski.

  • Ann Siebel and Maria Reisert.

  • Justin Reid, Tonya Abeln and Jonathan Klunk.

  • Madison Ewing and Jason Schmidt.

  • Cathy Gardsmith, Margie Cox and Tyleen Stoutt.

  • Robbie Bartlett and Aletha Fields.

  • Barry King and Robbie Bartlett.

  • David Grantz and John Harrilson.

  • Lydia Tharp, Jake Kelsay, Mariah Kline, Seth Kline and Anna Matthews.

  • Erik Eaker, Michelle Bickelman and Theo Edmonds.

  • Clay Cook, Alex Hepfinger, Bethany Hood and Hunter Zieske.

  • Kim Wagner, Mary Anderson, Connie Alizadeh and Linda Rose.

  • Roxanne Dunaway, Nicole Volz, Randy Blevins and Faith Yascone.

  • Jason Jennings, Madison Ewing, Jason Schmidt, Terri Cardwell and Randy Blevins.