St. James Court Art Show

Photos by Tim Valentino

While the rain put a damper on Saturday and Sunday, attendees of this annual art show were all smiles on Friday, October 6. Hundreds of artists and craftspeople sold their work and thousands of locals and out-of-towners flocked to Old Louisville to admire and shop.

  • Lu Fuller.

  • Sarah VanTol of Sarah J. Contemporary Designs in Glass.

  • Pam Lambert and Will Watrous of Headn Home Hats.

  • Stan Megdall.

  • Al and Pam Hays of Iowa.

  • Tony Viscardi.

  • Tony and Marla Viscardi.

  • John Austin and Tony Viscardi.

  • Tom and Linda Schurr.

  • Ember, Tiffany and Evan.

  • Ron Jasin.

  • Tom and Annette Browning and Katie and Cristine Clutter.

  • Kevin and Suzette Hallman.

  • Rollia Knight and Ruth Bewley.

  • Nick Ringelsetter of Atomic 7 Studio.

  • Joel Buno, Demetra Antimisaris and Surekha Kulkarni.

  • Michael Kessinger of Nine Dream Marbeling.

  • Eric Carroll.

  • Mike and Dee Miller of D and M Wooden Flowers and Vases.

  • Harold Miller.

  • Jessica Brown and Bonnie Ditterline.

  • Roy and Rebecca Skow of Redhead Ceramics.

  • Byron Marks of Fine Crafts of KY.

  • Peter Geiger.

  • Glenda Hepp and Emily Walz.

  • Micah Chandler.

  • Susan Gott of Gott Glass.