Sonny Bass Birthday Party

Friends and family of the always delightful Sonny Bass gathered at Mesh on Brownsboro Road to celebrate the monumental occasion of his 96th birthday. Wonderfully thoughtful and uniquely entertaining toasts were given in his honor from the crowd of loved ones. To cap the evening, Sonny was adorned with a fitting crown that solidified the evening as a birthday party Sonny and his wife Gladys won’t soon forget.

Photos by Bill Wine.

  • Sonny Bass.

  • Sonny Bass's 96th birthday.

  • Fresh flowers adorned the event.

  • Sonny Bass's 96th birthday.

  • Lower right to the left: Sonny, Gladys, Ned, Teri, and Anna Bass, Cara Wilson and Steve Bass.

  • Renee and Mike Yarmuth.

  • Joel and Sherry Richardson.

  • Sonia Saag and Michelle Smith.

  • Larry Smith and Jodie Bass.

  • Ned Bass, Isabella Zamanian, Dr. Heather Bass, Jodi and Lili Bass.

  • Renee Yarmuth, Teri Bass and Sherry Richardson.

  • Sonny Bass's 96th birthday.

  • Sherry Richardson, Renee Yarmuth and Teri Bass.

  • Teri Bass, Millie Hayes with Joel and Sherry Richardson.

  • Millie Hayes, Joel Richardson and Teri Bass.

  • Steve Bass proposed a toast to celebrate Sonny Bass's 96th birthday.

  • Larry and Michelle Smith lifted their glasses to toast Sonny Bass as Sonia Saag sat by.

  • Gladys, Sonny and Teri Bass lifted their glasses during the toast.

  • Sonny Bass's 96th birthday.

  • Gladys, Sonny and Terri Bass.