Fall Festival

Photos by Tim Valentino

On October 12, visitors gathered for this free open house with the experts of Corbett Cosmetic. Guests enjoyed refreshments, giveaways, complimentary makeup applications from Schaefer Studio, demonstrations of Corbett services and much more.

  • Dr. Lee Corbett, Brittney Edwards and Krystal Lawler.

  • Lisa Kerr, Susan Wanker and Sherry Roshelli.

  • Ashton Gooch, Shannan Naiser and Betty Oliver.

  • Brittney Talley and Misty Perschau.

  • Kristina Powell, Susan Ormsby and Daniela Richardson.

  • Dita and Teuta Sherifi.

  • Stephanie Bristow and Sarah Mitchell.

  • Courtney and Gannon.

  • Courtney and Gannon.

  • Amy Summers and Alesandra Champulvier.

  • Shannan Naiser and Kristen Evans.

  • Shannan Naiser and Kristen Evans.

  • Blenna LaRue and Shelby Hoskins.

  • Wendy McCormick.

  • Jo Ann Moan and Sherry Young.

  • Ryan Moore.