Dreams at the Downs

On June 29, the Triple Crown Room at Churchill Downs was the site of New Directions Housing Corporation’s signature fundraiser. Guests enjoyed a Kentucky-themed meal and raffle, twilight races and a bourbon and wine pull. All proceeds raised from the event went toward NDHC’s work in supporting families, homes and neighborhoods in Louisville.

Photos by Max Sharp.

  • Gus and Regan Thomas with Hal Haulk.

  • Timber Beeninga, Maximus Monahan ,Katie Norton, Dari'Anne Hudson and Amy Luckett.

  • Dreams at the Downs.

  • Adam Hall.

  • Jonn Asher.

  • Sarah Bishop with Lauren Lukas.

  • Paige Swanson and Hannah Perlman.

  • Barry Younkie, Harriet Lair and Gerald Tyrell.

  • John O'Malley and Aaron Fruits.

  • John King, Jack Trawick and Liz Martin.

  • Lori Hudson Fanery.

  • Ashley Cassetty with Jane Bennet.

  • Lori Flanery Doug Klingensmith and Bridgette Johnson.

  • Dr Yvonne Austin and Alfonso Cornish.

  • Carol Coldiron with Tim Hollaow.

  • Mady Mitchell Ashley Sullivan with Samer and Missy Ziady.

  • Sarah Porter with Sarah Clay.

  • Matt Mcgee, Bridgette Johnson, Lamika Perry, Janet R Smith and Kamilla Taylor.

  • Kay and Mark Rountree with Sue Foster and Sue Lund.

  • Rob Tyrrell, Liz martin and Michael Woodson.

  • Betsy Mengel, Michael Woodson, Art Mengel ,Liz Martin Gerald Tyrell, Rob Tyrell and Virgy Metts.

  • Krit and Lynn Lualelen, Lindy Karns, Jenn Morre, Helen Hesen , Nancy Klein and Jimmy Cauley.

  • Angie Wagner, Jan Bennet and Lynda Eveslage.

  • Renita Rosa with Marilynn Durrett,

  • Brandon Jaggers, with Greg Lindsey Bironas .

  • Lindsey, Greg , Tracy and Jake Bironas.