Cellar Door Chocolates 10th Anniversary

Cellar Door went to the dogs on Saturday, July 29 as they celebrated turning 70 in dog years. The event at their South Fourth Street location paid tribute to Saving Sunny, Fat Heads Rescue, Barktown Rescue, The Arrow Fund and the Kentucky Humane Society. 

Photos by Tim Valentino.

  • Jonathan Sumey, Michael Archangel and Tonka.

  • Kathryn and Kenny Mayes with Wyndy and Nix.

  • Marie Bray and Davida Miller of Fatheads Rescue with Morrison, Wyndy and Kai.

  • Haley Perkey and Rose.

  • Hillary and Ian McCormack with Maple.

  • Josh Cushman, Taylor Owens, Isabelle Dydynski and Erin Brady with The Arrow Fund.

  • Vanessa Card and Adryan Cunningham with Olde 502 Winery.

  • Hillary McCormack and Jessica Liang.

  • Lenore Slawsky with Rocko's Rewards.

  • Claudia and Andrew Scheiderich and Rebecca Aldammad.

  • McKenzie Nalley and Ali Gautier.

  • Liz Bornwasser.

  • Tara Coogler.

  • Erika Chavez-Graziano.

  • Erika Chavez-Graziano and Harvey being interviewed.

  • Brianna Smith and Bolivar.

  • Katie Cooper of Saving Sunny, Sarah Daniel and Sampson, and Katie Daniel of Pit Bulls of St, Francis.

  • Lennie and Darlene Brumleve with Melanie, Stuart, Scarlett and Rhett.

  • The Cellar Door Chocolates Crew! Rebecca Aldammad, Tara Coogler, Erika Chavez-Graziano, Rebecca Hahn, Sarah Gaither, Phadraig Sheehan, Haley Perkey, Brooke Miller, Meredith Pass and Zoe Benway.

  • Nancy Ruble of Comfy Cow.

  • Guy and Teresa Tedesco.

  • Frankie Hilbert, Erika Chavez-Graziano, Harvey and Terri Cardwell.