Bubbles, Rosé and a Little Bit of Branch Water

Todd and Kim Kennedy hosted a private party in their Prospect home serving the finest sips of Korbel along with decadent bites of chocolate. The music of Hickory serenaded the guests outside on a perfect summer night.

Photos by Tim Valentino.

  • Hickory.

  • Hickory.

  • Mike and Tracy Branch, Julie and Wayne Rose and Ana Silba and Pepe Gil.

  • Geoff and Stephanie Cronan.

  • Julie Tichenor and Ashton and Nick Peregoy.

  • Nancy Newman, Matthew Kirven and Ian Kennedy.

  • Nicole and Ben Willingham from Cincinnati.

  • Ana and Abbie Cornelius and Austin Jacobs.

  • Daniel and Terri Cornelius.

  • Greg Stanfield and Eric Getsfred.

  • Hunter Hill, Nancy Newman, Don Sheckle, Sarah Gray and George Boatwright.

  • Saundra Turner, Maria Nohalty and Eric Getsfred.

  • Kristi Getsfred, Cindy Grissom and Katie Kleinert Rhawn.

  • Terri and Daniel Cornelius and Marge Royston.

  • Matthew Kirven, George Boatwright, Alex Lynch and Ian Kennedy.

  • Suzi Lezzari, Sarah Gray and Jeff Sleadd.

  • Alyson Middleton, Mary Esther, and Jen Root.

  • Kellie Sheehy, Jodi Wagner and Christine Hofmans.

  • Ginger and Craig Knox.

  • Wayne and Julie Rose, Larry Stickler, Kim Kennedy, Ben Willingham and Danielle Armstrong.

  • Mark Grindstaff and Danielle Armstrong.