Artfully Aged Dinner

Produced by J Wagner Group, Basil Hayden’s Artfully Aged Dinner brought together some of the city’s most respected online influencers on July 27 at MADS Gallery. Guests enjoyed local art and an amazing menu from Crushed Ice Catering.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington.

  • Jon and JD Dotson.

  • Madison Ewing, Joey Wagner and Madison Hardy.

  • Allison Myers and Lindsey Pelliccia.

  • Braylyn Stewart.

  • Kaylee Pearce and Marc Lochner.

  • Andrea and JP Hill.

  • Erin Coffee and Jason Mudd.

  • Dana Shanton and Angel Hamilton.

  • JD Dotson.

  • Mike and Mary Rutherford.

  • Kaelyn Gault and Luke Hancock.

  • Grace Wainwright and Jordan White.

  • Miranda McDonald and Josh Johnson.

  • Matthew Beck, Braylyn Stewart and Katelyn Elliot.

  • Katelyn Elliot and Matthew Beck.

  • Leslie Brown, Madison Ewing and Josh Brown.

  • Braylyn Stewart.

  • Joey Wagner.