Frazier Museum Summer Beer Festival

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

The Frazier History Museum hosted their inaugural Summer Beer Fest on Aug. 7 with over 200 specialty beers on tap, food trucks and live music by Brother Smith and Eric Bolander. There was also a special VIP area where guests gained early access to the Frazier Beer Garden and additional specialty beers.

  • Casey Krueger and Dani Clifford.

  • Daniel Goodlett and Lyndie Burns.

  • Marshall Ferguson.

  • Cheri and Tony Kulik.

  • Barbara Lamb and Sara Downs.

  • Andy and Kristina Valerius with Roy and Giselle Limpawuchara.

  • Cathy Enright, Liz Homsy and Jessica Olson.

  • Mike Pope, Kelly Burgess and Bob Hazelrigg with Apero Seasons.

  • Steve Lin, Scott Ritter and Stephen Lin.

  • Tina and Glenn Gail.

  • Pamela, Paul and Page Thompson.

  • Trevor Fralick, Josh McAfee, Treana Redd and Kenry Woods.

  • Sydney Larkin and Jeff O’Doherty.

  • Jan and Charlie Wade.

  • Brian Morris, Chris Sonaszek and Glenn Mortimer.

  • Derrick Drake and Jillian Cain.

  • Jessica Blair, Kellie Spine and Jessica Manley.

  • The Frazier History Museum president and CEO Andy Treinen.