Frazier Museum Masters Series

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

The Frazier Museum welcomed bourbon lovers on July 22 to the first ever combination Masters Series and barrel selection event. The Frazier’s Masters Series is a tasting experience celebrating Kentucky’s booming bourbon and craft beer industries. Guests enjoyed Wilderness Trail’s Barrel Selection and Rye, Kentucky Peerless Bourbon and Rye, two beers from 3rd Turn and bites from Bristol Catering. Shane Baker & Pat Heist from Wilderness Trail, Head Distiller at Peerless Caleb Kilburn and 3rd Turn’s Greg Hayden shared stories and lead tastings. Clay Simpson then conducted a class on making Clayton & Crume’s leather belts.

  • Lonna Versluys, Adam Hall and Donna Atkins.

  • Sam Newton, Stephen Yates, and Andy Treinen.

  • Sam Newton, Stephen Yates, and Andy Treinen.

  • Shane Baker, Tyler Jury, Andy Treinen, Caleb Kilburn, Mike Veach and Greg Hayden.

  • Larry and Tracey Lowe with Jess and Delores Yowell.

  • Brian Hart, Adam Winterberg and Adam Hall..