Forest of Earthly Delights NYE Party

On Dec. 31, 21c Museum Hotel hosted its annual New Year’s Eve bash in the Atrium Gallery. Proceeds from the event benefited Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest’s Artists in Residence Program.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Jessica and Jason Hardin.

  • Jada Morgan and Michael Frazier.

  • Hunter Valenzuela, Sam Adair and Matthew Towles.

  • Kristin Schwendau and Adam Jackson.

  • Zack Shovar, Megan Collins and Walter Yee.

  • Adam Creech and Emma Pridham.

  • Aaron and Eleanor Riggs.

  • Meredith Underwood, Shelby Ritchie and Elona Ryspayeva.

  • James and Angelica Smith.

  • Alicia Feldman, Kevin Gleis, John Morgan, Jenny Zeller, Patty Johnson, Marc Wourms and Amy Landon.

  • Robert Adamson, Grace Yim, Amelia Smith, Luke Pauley and Roze Pirvany.

  • Tyler and Abby Dennison

  • Bob and Christina Renock.

  • Nathaniel Nelson, Lindsey Young, Kelsey Young and Kellen Smith.

  • Steve Lewis, Kyle Scheuler and Kyle Yess.

  • Hilary Nolot and Brittany Vittitow.

  • Ashley and Omar Alvarado.

  • Josh and Lindsey Seal.

  • Joshua and Leslie Mulberry with Clint Bishop and Megan Woolum.

  • Cornell Williamson, Eriauna Stratton, Briana Lathon, Autry Bluford and Allie Hanserd.

  • Kim Fadem, Chona Camomot, Jenna Haugen and Erin Whaley.

  • Rachel and Matthew Eckstine.

  • Jordan Contreran and Ali Moe.

  • Dustin Miller, Eddie Engle, Michael Edmunds and Brad Miller.

  • Brigid Wilson, Jake Garrison and Meg Carter.

  • Bart and Tracy Barber with Barry Bohannon and Andrea Bouvier.

  • Trey Seal and Rachel Fagg.

  • Doug and Melanie Pettit.

  • Susan and Harold Seal.

  • Amelia, Alexander, Dolores and Chris Bunce.

  • Anna Allen and Gretchen Bolton.

  • Austin Dailey, Ashley Warren and Jess Carter.

  • Courtney Sklare and Ryan.

  • Ashley Hornbuckle and Tre Uselton.

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