Evenings of Note at Oxmoor Farm

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Stockyards Bank Wealth Management & Trust Presented Evenings of Note – A Night at the Opera on Aug. 14 at Oxmoor Farm where members of the Kentucky Opera performed an hour of repertoire favorites on the front lawn.

  • Koepler, Shannon and Dillon Budnick.

  • Baely Talley and Krista Billings with the Kentucky Opera.

  • Anthony and Jean Koester .

  • Val J Smith, Debra Lively, Marion Van Ingen and Nancy Millard Erwin.

  • Jane Cuff and Susan Pearcy.

  • Lea Ann Pipes, Anita Streeter and Anne- Marie Blancquaert.

  • Tom Burridge, Joe Fuller, Jenn Fuller and Barbara Burridge.

  • Dillon and Shannon Budnick with Julie Hardesty.

  • Pat Fogarty, Beth Lawler and Nelda Marks.

  • Karen and Michael Flynn.

  • Production associate with the Kentucky Opera Shelby West and volunteer audio engineer Tom Hayes.

  • Executive Director of the Oxmoor Farm Foundation Kim Klein.

  • Shannon Budnick.

  • Tenor Jesse Donner and mezzo soprano Katherine Calcamuggio Donner.

  • Jesse Donner.

  • Stephen Turner, Shannon Budnick, Holly Baldridge, Julie Hardesty and Sheri Werling.

  • Pianist David George and mezzo soprano Katherine Calcamuggio Donner.