Bourbon on the Patio

Mandy, Robert Woehrle, Izzy, Taylor and James Bright, Jean Bright and Mary White at Le Moo.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington and Andrea Hutchinson


Nothing goes better with Kentucky summer heat than a good glass of bourbon. As Louisville locals soak up the last bit of summer, we visited outdoor dining locations around town to see who is dining where and what bourbon they’re drinking. Among the restaurants with patios we visited are Bourbons Bistro, Eat Your Bourbon Marketplace, Equus Restaurant & Jack’s Lounge, Le Moo, The Manhattan Project, River House Restaurant & Raw Bar, Seviche, Varanese and Volare Italian Ristorante, all of which you will see pictured here.

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  • Mandy, Robert Woehrle, Izzy, Taylor and James Bright, Jean Bright and Mary White at Le Moo.

  • Mandy, Robert Woehrle, Izzy, Taylor and James Bright, Jean Bright, Mary White and Michael Bright at Le Moo.

  • Andrea and Shane Hayden with Megan and Morgan Gossman at Le Moo.

  • Elaine Waller, Rachel Nichols, Carol Jamie, Sarah Keating, and Margaret Brown out for afternoon bourbon cocktails at Eat Your Bourbon.

  • Emily McGrath and Brad Long, enjoying Four Roses Single Barrel on the rocks on the patio of Equus Jack's.

  • The Ballard and Mudd Families basking in the bourbon drinks at Equus Jack's.

  • Michelle Jimenez and Jason Conn at Varanese.

  • Margee Reulketter and Adeline Hoagland at Varanese.

  • Luke Schmidt, drinking Woodford Reserve, Lee Purcell Best, Sharon Schmidt and Larry Williams enjoying Woodford Reserve on the patio of Varanese.

  • Carolyn Turner and Chasta Hawkins at Varanese.

  • Richard and Bridget Woodham celebrating their 17th anniversary at Varanese.

  • Christine Duke, D'Andrea and Carl Williams, and Michael Duke at River House.

  • Jose and Lisseth Cardenas with Jazmin and Isreal Zavala out on the River House patio.

  • Jen Toadvine, Marty and Jonathan Nichter, and Karl Dyson enjoying the patio of River House.

  • Raffo and Annette Wimsett sipping their Maker's Mark and a classic Manhattan on the River House patio.

  • Jason and Betsy Greener tasting Maker's Mark private selection on the patio at Bourbons Bistro.

  • Keith and Melissa Lay celebrated their 33rd anniversary at Seviche.

  • John Burke and Jennifer Blair at Seviche.

  • Troy Cammack, Jeanette Conliffe and Kenneth H. Baker at The Manhattan Project.

  • Audrey Wright, Kamira Riley, Tyler Fraser and Annie Adams at The Manhattan Project.

  • LT Hoagland, Michele Hower, Brooks Hower and Woody Hoagland‎ at Volare.

  • Lee and Babs Robinson with Sandra Frazier at Volare.

  • Ron and Andrea Gallo at Volare.

  • Richard and Juli Davis with Juan Carlos Mendez at Volare.

  • Anne Mahan-Ellis, Armer Mahan, Shirley Mahan and Amy Mahan‎‎ at Volare.