Artist Chimel Ford’s HeART Exhibit

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Artist Chimel Ford, a Louisville artist, debuted his new HeART Exhibit at The Biscuit Lounge on June 17. The event was hosted by Barry Wooley Designs.

  • The Kennedy Family.

  • Artist Chimel Ford.

  • Ron and Deborah Charlton with Barry Wooley.

  • Nema, Keandrea, Samaya, Genesis, and Johnetta Malone with Marueen Bacon.

  • Chimel Ford with Chiara and Nema Ford.

  • Chimel Ford and Eil Greenwell.

  • Ricki Cate, Chimel Ford, Tammy Cate and Eil Greenwell.

  • Zach Finnell and Grant Osborn.

  • Rob and Megan Watson with Paig and Bubby Trinkle.

  • Lee Pennington and Jill Baker.

  • Todd Brashear and Mary Heather Adam.