24th Annual Tower Awards

On Oct. 10, Presentation Academy hosted its annual fundraiser and awards ceremony for women leaders at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Ann Triplett, Christine Schneider and Judy Crowe.

  • Cherrylle Dant Coleman, Sister Maria Brocato, Margaret Henry Anderson and Sharan Benton.

  • Melanie Tinsley, Katie Davis, Kim Evans, Monica Schmidt and Paula Evans.

  • Father Jim Flynn and Maria Scharfenberger.

  • Ann and Gil Stein with Ron and Laura Netherton.

  • Elizabeth Sotelo, Kathy Sutton and Clarice Connelly.

  • Lynnette Faulkenberg and Tanya Parsley.

  • Erin Rutherford and Terri Knappenberger.

  • Mickey and Dawn Dones.

  • Jennifer Klump Kowalski and Barbara Klump.

  • Carol Meirose, Peggie Jury and Margi Johnstone.

  • Lara Uhls and Jennifer Barz.

  • Melissa Mershon and former honoree Beverly Bromley .

  • Mary Luke Noonan, Agnes Hagan and Angela Hicks.

  • Kathy Wallace, Mickey Scheetz, Nancy Fox and Barbara Wine.

  • Dana Allen, Donna Hellmann and Peggy Underwood.

  • David and Emily Daunhauer.

  • Sister Susen Gatz and Kitty Henry.

  • Anna Workman, Carrie Talbott and Bernie Besser.

  • Kaye Willett and Kathy Nault.

  • Sherry Truhlar and president of Presentation Academy Laura Dills.

  • Patrick Thompson with Molly and Rick Sullivan.

  • Andrea Heger and Patti Heger Birk.