2019 Undergraduate Philosophy Colloquium

On Nov. 8, UofL hosted the 19th Annual Steven Humphrey Undergraduate Philosophy Colloquium. From a record number of submissions, eight undergraduate philosophy students from around the country were selected to come and present original papers in a public setting. They came from such disparate institutions as the University of Puget Sound, Cal State Sacramento, Rutgers University and the University of Ottawa. A keynote address was given by Professor Rebecca Kukla from Georgetown University. All travel and accommodation expenses were paid for by the colloquium, and Mr. Humphrey hosted a party and dinner at his home after the event. This colloquium offers students an opportunity to present and defend their original work, something most of them have never done, and, more importantly, to realize they can do this and not die. 

Photos by J. Edward Brown

  • David S. Owen (University of Louisville Department Chairperson, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Director of Diversity Literacy Program, Steve Humphrey, Janice Carter Levitch.

  • Attendees of the U of L 2019 Undergraduate Philosophy Colloquium enjoying dinner.

  • L-R Kevin Frantz and his wife Liz Gastiger (Professional Chef).

  • Dinner prepared by Professional Chef Liz Gastiger and her staff.

  • Guy Dove, Thomas Maloney and Steve Humphrey.

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