Revolutionize How You Do Your Banking

Story by Class Act Federal Credit Union

Between the long lines, bored tellers and bland decor, going to the bank is not the most exciting part of everyone’s day. Most people don’t feel valued by the people who handle their money. They don’t have a say in the bank’s policies. People don’t line up to volunteer at a bank. A trip to a bank is nothing more than an errand. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a financial institution that cared about its members and gave them a voice? If this sounds appealing, then Class Act Federal Credit Union is right for you.

It all started in 1954 when a group of JCPS employees had a vision for a financial institution that caters exclusively to the local educational community. They volunteered their time after hours to start a credit union to help employees within their school system. Today, its board of directors and committee members serve as a group of volunteers who have helped guide Class Act Federal Credit Union over the past 65 years.

Class Act Federal Credit Union is revolutionizing how you do your banking. This is due, in part, to the fact that it’s actually not a bank at all – it’s a credit union. More specifically, it’s an education-based credit union, meaning its credit union is made up of members from the educational community, including teachers, students, administrators, volunteers, alumni, retirees and their immediate families.

A mutual organization operated entirely by and for its members, Class Act Federal Credit Union is not for profit, not for charity, but for service. Furthermore, every member is a partial owner of the credit union, which is why deposits are referred to as “shares.” What’s even more interesting is that Class Act Federal Credit Union is democratically controlled. In other words, each member has a voice in shaping its policies.

Members are valued at Class Act Federal Credit Union. They have a voice and control over the decisions they make with their money. Tellers are stationed at small pods, breaking the metaphorical barrier between you and your money. Powerful chalkboard quotes adorn the walls and smiles adorn the tellers’ faces. Furthermore, because it’s a local business, money spent with Class Act Federal Credit Union stays local.

If you want to be valued by your financial institution, have a voice and keep your money local, Class Act Federal Credit Union is right for you. To find out whether you’re eligible to join, call 502.964.7575 today!