Note from the Publisher September 2021

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson.

“If she were a drink, she’d be a single barrel bourbon on ice. Smooth with a kick, a chill and a burn all at the same time.”
– Brad Paisley

Welcome to the September Bourbon issue and all things bourbon. We are situated in the heart of bourbon country, the land of bluegrass and culture that ranges from couture fashion, thoroughbred racing to having access to the finest distilleries in the world, all in our own backyard. This is why I chose to invite our newest team member and Managing Editor, Alex Hepfinger, to join me for a lighthearted photoshoot in the chicken coup in my own backyard. When I proposed the idea to her, she did not skip a beat, the answer was a solid “yes.” And of course, Andrea Hutchinson, one of our staff photographers, was even more excited than any of us! What better way to express the cultural variety in Kentucky than to talk about bourbon while the chickens gathered at our feet. It was lighthearted indeed. Alex shared, “My feelings of stepping into the role of managing editor are closely related in these series of photos. They are both unexpectedly natural and incredibly terrifying. In many ways, it feels familiar to my time as an intern, stylist and Voice of Style editor of this publication years ago. However, at the same time, a demanding role to assume following the gracious and effortlessly stylish Editor in Chief Liz Bingham. My continuing comfort is knowing I have the mentorship and support of our Publisher, Janice, by my side as I take on this new challenge. Coming back to The VOICE is a full circle sensation. And while we’ve never solved the conundrum of which came first, the chicken-or-the-egg, let’s hatch all the wonderful things our communities have to offer together. It’s a daunting and fabulous honor to take on this adventure with you.”

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Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey