Note from the Publisher June 2022

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to the June issue, which delivers an abundance of luminous talent that includes one very special Louisvillian gracing the cover. We constantly strive for an innovative approach bringing you only the most effervescent personalities that are homegrown.

Meet our cover star, Founder and President of Bourbon Barrel Foods, Matt Jamie. With the good looks of Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio smashed together, we discovered he is as humble as he is handsome. Jamie established BBF in 2006 as the only soy microbrewery in the United States. Skip ahead to 2012 when BBF partnered with Woodford Reserve to create a cocktail and culinary line. Entrepreneurship at its finest continued to 2022. Jamie has swiftly built his business on the simple concept only the best will do. Using bourbon barrels as an aging vessel for the soy sauce crafted with care in small batches, the company has expanded to other products as well. Everything is a delight to the senses and palate, from serving trays made from bourbon barrels to a variety of gift boxes to bourbon smoked spices in a horseshoe-shaped basket. Make your way over to his Frankfort Avenue location and check it out for yourself. #eatyourbourbon

I have to admit, until a couple of months ago, I had no idea who Jack Harlow was. Neither did most of the music industry until he released several EPs and mixtapes back in 2015. Known as a rapper, Harlow is included in our Derby Wrap up society pages for this issue that is being distributed around our fine community. What I admire most about Harlow is his tenacity. Well, also his wardrobe, I want to meet the person who selects what he wears. I’d like to think I’m a bit of a fashion snob, you know, never following trends and only choosing to wear what works best for me. I’ve noticed that Harlow presents himself in a sophisticated manner, seemingly polite and outfitted in what looks like a suit freshly cut and shipped directly from Savile Row in London, England. Sorta like freedom of speech, except it’s all about fabric and color plus an exceptional tailoring detail that borders on couture elegance. Thank you, Jack Harlow, for inspiring the myriad of singer-songwriters and showing them that the impossible is possible. Check out his new release, Come Home the Kids Miss You.