Note from the Publisher January 2022

Photo by Andrea Hutchinson.

“Marriage is like fine wine, if tended properly,
it just gets better with age.”

The new year is here, 2022. According to some numerology experts, the number 22 is thought of as the construction team building the foundation for the year ahead. We all want to hear about building hope and promise for that journey. Add the numbers together 2+0+2+2, and you get the number six. This intrigued me, so after researching a little further into the meaning of the number six, I found some interesting information. Being a ‘six-year’ is a new direction, change and transition period. This new direction can be anything from relationships to career changes to relocating. It also represents love, family and partnerships. Of course, any given year can bring several transitions. We include in this issue the promise of what a wedding brings to our lives. May the six-year symbolizing the planet Venus bring to you balance and adaptability to navigate something magical, whether you are attending a wedding or planning your own wedding.

Throughout this issue, you will enjoy beautiful photography along with superlative editorial content. Get ready to travel from the Peterson-Dumesnil House in the Crescent Hill neighborhood all the way to Rutledge & Vine in Napa Valley, California. Our goal with this issue is to offer you a glimpse into the possibilities of what weddings are all about. A peek at the gorgeous venues that are available and how to curate that special day tailored to your wishes. A little over a year ago, I planned my own wedding to one very special Viking. While planning all the details, we finally let our stress go with a sigh of relief when we realized we just wanted to have a fun day. Looking back on that day, I can honestly say we had one heck of a shindig as we danced the night away.  

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Mazel tov!
Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey