Hensel “Buck” Heath

1944 – 2021


Hensel “Buck” Heath was born in Virginia, July of 1944. From there he moved around the country, before settling in his beloved Louisville, Kentucky. During his travels, he worked at a florist shop creating beautiful arrangements, where he fancied one day creating a place with a “moon garden” of white flowers. 

In his earlier days, Buck worked in some interesting places like Hugh Heffner’s yacht for a summer in the Florida Keys. There, he fell in love with the ocean. He also worked in the restaurant industry for many years, where he nurtured his passion for food and for making people happy. Over the years, he developed a love of buying and selling antiques, which gave Buck a great eye for items that were unusual, unique and beautiful.

So, in 1992, Buck took what he learned throughout his travels and life experiences and created Buck’s Restaurant and Bar. He filled the restaurant with antiques and white flowers and created a wonderful menu that had something for everyone.

When his friends found out that he had been diagnosed with cancer, they asked him what was on his bucket list. Buck loved the ocean as well as the Keys and stated that he would like to visit the Keys, if just for one last time. Thanks to the many friends he had made throughout the years, they were able to grant his wish and send him to the Keys.

Buck will be greatly missed. But his name, passions and memory will live on through the spirit of Buck’s Restaurant and Bar.