***nouveau disco***


Photo credit: Franey Miller

(this awesome photo is courtesy of our own local taste-maker and amazingly talented Franey Miller)

With the holiday season fully in swing, (truth be told) I’m getting a little sick of red and green and Santa Claus and reindeers and ho ho and mistletoe. Call me a grinch but that’s how I feel.

On the flip side, I’m looking forward to the End Of The World (countdown: five days!) and if that doesn’t work out, New Years 2013. To get me in the mood I’ve been listening to (what I like to call) Nouveau Disco.

In my opinion, it can be anything that gets your body groovin’. I’m not talking “bump and grind” (I thought we retired that kind of dancing in high school?), I’m talking hips swingin’, fingers in the air, dancing-on-your-own type moves. Try this song out for a swing:

“Invisible Light” Scissor Sisters

Shiny, tight, flamboyant clothing have been on the radar for awhile now, and American Apparel definitely has something to do with this. Popular for their classic T’s and other wardrobe staples, they even have an appropriately named “Disco Pant” so you can be ready to get your groove thaaang on.

***shiny clothes***