New Year’s Eve 2020

Louisvillians rang in the new year at Mellwood Arts Center on Dec. 31. Hosted by Eventris, this spectacular party featured entertainment by Tony & the Tan Lines and DJ K-Dogg.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Reyhan Falls and Brandy Despain.

  • Marty and Angel Dapore, Sami Portman and Adam Lyons with Lara and Todd Needham.

  • Ellie Romes and Preston Simmons.

  • Chad Kemplin and Shannon Downs.

  • Stephanie and Jeremy Allgeier.

  • Amber Keeling, Kristen Erps and Kathryn Peetrey.

  • Allen Thomas and Lexi Crutchfield with Claira and Tyler Stiebling.

  • Jamie Ritchie, Brandi Cecil, Todd Shellhamer and Ashton Ballard.

  • Kevin Allen and Jenny Cleary.

  • Lyndsey Henken and Meghan Oliva.

  • Ashley Bishop, Sarah Polson, Tracy Ander and Noelle Kordes with Jeremy and Stephanie Allgeier.

  • Kelsey Uuskallio and Erik Switzer.

  • Aysun Yilmaz, Belle Parda and Krissy Sanz.

  • Aysun Yilmaz, Belle Parda and Krissy Sanz.

  • Robert Baker, Dzenita Bektic and Irina Kakovkina .

  • Linda North and Makayla Szczepanik.

  • James and Jackie Strong with Katie Saettel and Jaime Miller.

  • Hannah Whitlock and William Croft.

  • Autumn Kidd and Mckenzie Onkst.

  • Coady Murner, Lindsey Carter and Sam Kelly.

  • Pauline Ottaviano and Kaitlyn Moore.

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