Louisville Ballet + Lexington Ballet Present Historic Collaboration 

It’s an event of athletic prowess that rivals others – by leaps and bounds. In a historic collaboration that unites two cities, Lexington Ballet and Louisville Ballet come together for the first time in United State of Dance! 

Although the two cities may be rivals, at the end of the day, only one thing matters: the kids. Five dollars from every ticket will be donated to DanceBlue, and attendance to this event will be worth three Spirit Points for DanceBlue participants. 

Sally Martin, DanceBlue overall chair, said: “The kids who spend most of their lives at the DanceBlue clinic matter. The kids who don’t get to go to school matter. The kids who miss birthday parties, vacations, sleepovers and days at the playground matter. The kids who still laugh with a smile on their face despite cancer staring right at them matter.” 

Through this collaboration, both companies hope to bring a divided state together to be part of the healing power of dance. 

Come see Louisville take on Lexington, and watch both win. 

PERFORMANCE The evening begins with George Balanchine’s Serenade performed by dancers from Louisville Ballet. It continues with Capriccio Italiano, a world premiere by Lexington Ballet’s Artistic Director Luis Dominguez featuring dancers from Lexington Ballet. Both companies will come together for MODELS, a world premiere by The Australian Ballet’s Tim Harbour. 

TICKETS United State of Dance runs Oct. 25 through 27 at The Lexington Opera House. Performances will run at 8 p.m. on Oct. 25 and 26 and at 2 p.m. on Oct. 26 and 27. Tickets start at $30 and are available at the Lexington Opera House’s website, box office or over the phone at 859.233.3535. 

From University of Kentucky’s KRNL:

Louisville Ballet + Lexington Ballet Collaborate on Historic Performance Benefitting Fight Against Pediatric Cancer in Kentucky

Two cities. Two companies. One message. 

Never before done in Kentucky’s history, the artists of Louisville Ballet and Lexington Ballet are coming together not only for a shared love of dance but a passion for what is greater. Though it may seem out of the ordinary for rival cities to work together, they each bring unique talent to the stage. While this will be a performance of the arts, the two companies are taking this opportunity to demonstrate that there is more to ballet than the act of dance. 

Ballet can bring healing and tell stories that impact lives. Speaking to the motivation behind this partnership, Cherie Pérez, marketing director for Louisville Ballet, expresses that ballet will not be the only thing communicated to the audience. “We stand for unity and inclusion,” Pérez declares. “That includes lifting up other organizations to recognize the hard work of others.” Louisville Ballet places emphasis on partnering with other nonprofits to strengthen, support and celebrate differences within society. 

The three-act show, United State of Dance, will include dancers of both companies and multiple styles of dance. The attendees are encouraged to wear red or blue attire to support their respective city, not to show divide but to instead unite the crowd in color! Opening night to the public will be on Oct. 25 at the Lexington Opera House and will continue throughout the weekend with two shows on Saturday and a Sunday matinee. 

If you’re not inspired to attend the performance yet, there’s something else you should know about this special event. Louisville Ballet and Lexington Ballet are giving $5 from every ticket purchased to DanceBlue. This is a beautiful reality of dancers helping dancers being done in a way that will help kickoff the charity’s fundraising efforts. In addition, the families and medical professionals involved with DanceBlue will receive a behind-the-scenes, private performance. 

A vision of one united, powerful voice is rooted in United State of Dance. This voice, spoken by the two performing arts companies, has the influence to make both cities more welcoming and connected. Artistic and Executive Director for Louisville Ballet Robert Curran reveals that, “It’s important today that people, institutions and cities that seem to be enemies can rise above and lend a megaphone to the messages of others.” 

In their collaboration, Lexington and Louisville are accomplishing exactly that. Simply put, in the passionate words of Curran, “This is an event where red meets blue where blue is, and blue meeting red where red is.” United State of Dance will be a performance you don’t want to miss.