Letter from the Publisher March 2021

Photo by Kathryn Harrington.


“The gods preferring their libations
diluted with rainwater and
mixed with freshly cut grass.” 

-Thomm Quackenbush 

Libations, what an interesting word. The definition of “libation” from the Collins English Dictionary is the ritual of pouring out wine or oil upon the ground as a sacrifice to a god. The heck with the pouring out idea, I would rather keep my glass full, please and thank you. Used humorously, it means an alcoholic drink or the act of drinking in a celebratory fashion. Keeping that in mind, allow me to introduce a new element to our monthly publication, Daily Libations. It is a column written by Joe Daily, a master mixologist extraordinaire, that has the know-how to shake up garden-fresh ingredients that will tickle your palette in the most effervescent way possible. We are thrilled to welcome Joe to our team and invite you to create a cocktail of your own from the recipes included in our Daily Libations column. Each month we will feature different recipes that include seasonal ingredients and extraordinary brand name beverages for you to try. Stay tuned for more libatious goings-on in the world of spirits, wine and champagne and non-alcoholic beverage options too. 

Every issue of The Voice salutes nonprofits, the arts, local businesses, community projects and so much more. Our entire team strives to deliver the most eloquent publication available to our local and surrounding communities. Thank you to our loyal supporters, subscribers and advertisers for your superlative and steadfast allegiance you continue to share with us. We are grateful and appreciate your constant devotion. Without all of you, we could not do what we do so well. 

With gratitude,

Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey