Letter from the Publisher November 2020

Photos by J. Edward Brown.

“I know now that real contentment comes from the ability to manifest your dreams.”
— Lucille Carloftis

Our own backyard is the place that has become obvious to us, to you, in the past few months as the place that matters most, our homes. For this issue, we started reaching out and actually leaving the shelter of our homes to bring you inspiring stories that keep you connected to our community. For some of us, this was the first time in months we allowed our adventurous nature to feel safe and discover that we can get out and about, bringing with us our day-to-day travel paraphernalia that consists of a mask, hand sanitizer and possibly a pair of gloves. For most of us, our typical day in the past consisted of waking up at the crack of dawn, rushing through breakfast and out the door to battle the morning traffic on the way to the office. Life has slowed down a bit and helped all of us recognize the moments that we can savor to the fullest. Luckily, months before the pandemic found its way into our world, I had taken the time to set up a home office, not knowing how important this space would become. In my new office environment, the challenge of learning how to conduct meetings virtually has actually heightened my sense of language and listening skills. I hope you too have been able to discover what can be gained by simply exploring your own backyard.

Gala season is upon us, the virtual gala season that is. So, I thought I should dress up in a flouncy party gown in black, of course. Even though I was going to enjoy a pocket of time in my own backyard, the simple ritual of changing out of casual wear into clothing that had been moved to the back of the closet and needed the dust knocked off of it was exciting. It was about the simple joy of a garment that requires zipping up and buttoning as opposed to an elastic waistband. I have a childhood memory of my family and neighbors dressing up, stringing lights around their outdoor patios, playing guitars, singing together and dancing under the moonlight. It taught me that style emanates from within, cultivated from the simplest of evocative moments. Whether you’re in an isolated cabin in the countryside or a home in the suburbs, you can create your moments with the finest of details that can soothe your soul.

All of us at The Voice would like to thank our advertisers and loyal supporters because without you we cannot do what we do so well. As the iconic local publication for over 70 years, my finest hope is that the words and images in these pages will continue to inspire you to see the treasures in your own backyard.

With gratitude,

Janice Carter Levitch