Letter from the Editor July 2022

Photo by Andrea Hutchinson


Welcome to the July Women in Business issue! My team had the opportunity to speak with many incredible women who are a driving force in our community and have left a mark in whatever industry they’re in. These women allowed us to glimpse into their professions and daily lives by sharing tips, vulnerabilities, challenges and successes.

In this issue, we highlight various women who have been challenged but persevered and conquered industries through pure determination. Dana Darley Daily took the reins on the Daily Libations column from her husband Joe to highlight the face behind NKD LDY, Becca Gardner. Becca reminds us there’s a story behind every business, and one shouldn’t be afraid to dive in head first where their passions live. Dana also interviewed Fawn Weaver of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey to give our readers the best tips for utilizing your time and who you should look to for inspiration.

Dana’s 12-year-old daughter, Kennedy, FaceTimed with Sarah Carter Levitch to share the story of the creation of her slime shop – talk about a young entrepreneur! Kennedy’s photoshoot was filled with giggles and brought out the kid inside all of us as we played with slime and relived our youth. In addition, Sarah sits down with Judge Angela McCormick Bisig for insight on her role as a mother and judge.

Rachel Porter spoke with Meaghan Rubey to learn about her venture into the luxury accessory industry with her company Roubaix. Additionally, Mandy Vine told us of the buttercup yellow surrounding her daily and her experience from Drybar loyalist to Drybar Franchise Operator.

When Elizabeth Scinta interviewed Danielle Mann, she learned of her incredible superwoman powers as she juggles being a full-time OBGYN, mother of three boys and the owner of Rivergreen Cocktails. Her determination to succeed is infectious and evident in how she talks about her business. Next, Elizabeth spoke with UBS Financial Advisor Joyce Meyer at her new pool house/home office to learn how her team adapted to the pandemic and came out on top. Kate Latts and Ashley Davis Sigman took us through their journey of joining their family businesses, Heaven Hill Brands and Davis Jewelers, respectively.

There were so many phenomenal women featured in this issue that I couldn’t fit all of them in my letter, as I’m afraid I’m running out of word count. Before I send you on your way to enjoy this marvelous issue, I want to shout out to my team once more as we have navigated through the twists and turns of producing yet another beautiful issue. So raise a glass with the VOICE Louisville team as we toast to the successes of these awe-inspiring women, and always remember to keep our heads, heels and standards high!


Alexandra Hepfinger
Editor in Chief