Letter from the Editor August 2022

Photo by Andrea Hutchinson. Facepaint by Alex & Andi.

Buckle up. The August Art and Philanthropy issue is here! This issue gives our readers insight into what’s happening in the art world and what nonprofit events are coming up. You might notice our stunning cover star as our very own Sarah Carter Levitch. Sarah has been a part of the team since September 2021 while also working on her music career. We are so excited to announce that her EP “Quiet Power” will be released on August 5!

As you turn the magazine pages, prepare to be blown away by the artists and philanthropists in our community; I know I certainly was. Elizabeth Scinta learned of the many talents of Lance G. Newman II, ranging from spoken word to visual arts and everything in between. Sarah divulges the twist Actor’s Theater has put on the forever classic “Dracula” (think: feminist revenge). Erika Holmquist-Wall taught Elizabeth so much about Claude Monet her brain was spinning, but out popped a feature that taught me so much about Monet and his beloved Water Lily paintings.

Angel McCoughtry, a former University of Louisville Basketball player, inspired the VOICE team to reach for the stars with the court she refurbished in Shively Park. Our photographer Andrea Hutchinson joined Sarah on a trip to Yew Dell Botanical Gardens to capture an exquisite sunrise and learn about the Capital Campaign to restore the castle to its former glory. Finally, Steve is ending the debate on whether or not Pluto is considered a planet. Spoiler: Pluto is not.

I could go on about all the fantastic features, but it’s time for you to get comfortable, flip the page and enjoy the August Arts and Philanthropy issue!

“Picasso” out,

Alexandra Hepfinger
Editor in Chief