Letter from the Editor August 2021

Photo by Ryan Rogers.

Welcome to the August issue of The VOICE featuring the incredibly talented artists and generous philanthropists in our community. I always love editing this issue, getting the chance to read about what all of the local arts organizations have going on, especially now as we’re entering a post-COVID world. When I received the email newsletter from Louisville Ballet Artistic Director Robert Curran that the Company was returning to live performances, my heart nearly skipped a beat! I also loved learning about ACT Louisville Productions from Randy Blevins and the impact it’s having on our local artistic youth. Also of note is Actors Theatre’s extension of Louisville Sessions into an upcoming day-long music festival – what fun!

I gained an appreciation for the arts at a young age, largely thanks to my grandmother who has always been involved and supportive of the Louisville arts community and taught me the importance of continuing this support for the enrichment of our city and as a culture. I can also thank St. Francis School in Goshen, where I attended lower and middle school, which included an exceptional Humanities program that were always my favorite classes (along with my art and language arts classes, of course). 

When editing this month’s Industry Showcase that features local artists Ed Hamilton, Karen Boone, John Michael Carter and Braylyn Stewart, there was a quote from Braylyn that particularly stood out to me that I think perfectly sums up the importance of supporting the arts that I previously mentioned. He said, “My advice for aspiring artists is to focus on your skill and draw inspiration from life versus what has already been done. Be original, take chances and create from the heart. Let your work stand for itself. People like originality and someone they can relate to. So when they buy your art, they are buying a part of your personality. Never forget that.” Reading that again, I can feel how much his art represents him and thus this translates to artists of all art forms, whose art defines them and us as a culture. 

There are two new leaders in the arts we highlighted and got to know better, the Speed Art Museum Director Raphaela Platow and the Fund for the Arts President & CEO Andre Kimo Stone Guess. I also had the honor of getting to know Bill Rau in this issue, who is the third-generation owner of antiques, fine art and jewelry store M.S. Rau in New Orleans, LA. His gallery holds some of the most sought-after treasures on the market and has quite a celebrity following. Read “A Collector’s Eye” and our “Home Trends” column to learn more about his collection. I also learned about the artistic eye of Louisville plastic surgeon, T. Gerald O’Daniel, MD, and that he is also an accomplished fine artist himself!

One of my favorite Louisville artistic endeavors, KMAC Couture, is taking it up a notch this year with a new film involving multiple local film directors, musicians and designers in locations all across the city that will premiere on October 1 at Repurposed (formerly Resurfaced). We got the exclusive inside scoop and many behind-the-scenes photos so make sure to check it out. 

There is all this and much more in this art-packed issue, so I hope you enjoy every page of it as I did and continue to lift up the arts organizations in our community. Here’s to the arts! 

Sincerely yours, 

Liz Bingham
Editor in Chief