Letter from the Editor May 2021

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson.

Welcome to the May Real Estate and Champagne Issue. Before I begin, I’d like to invite you to take a seat, open a bottle of bubbly and get ready for the celebration to begin! In this issue, you’ll find the history of two of the most prestigious Champagne Houses: Veuve Clicquot and Moët & Chandon. Did you know that Veuve was created by a woman in 1810? Or that Moët & Chandon was the royal court’s official drink in France in 1748? Joe Daily discusses some of his favorite champagne and champagne cocktails in the third installment of Daily Libations, photographed at Nouvelle Bar & Bottle. We also got an inside look at the Paris-inspired champagne room at Bittners and spoke to the Designer and President & COO, Douglas Riddle, who shared stories of his trips to Paris that inspired this special room. If you’re new to champagne, check out The Champagnery’s Guide to Champagne to learn some of the bar owners’ favorites and what to know when selecting a bottle or glass of bubbly. If bourbon is more your style, we got to know the American Whiskey Advisor for Beam Suntory, Beth Burrows, a bit better after introductions in last month’s issue. 

Real estate and champagne go hand-in-hand as it’s always a celebration when a new home is purchased or sold. So we spoke to some of the best real estate professionals in the biz to learn what we need to know if we’re in the market today. Bittners also shared a gorgeous newly renovated modern home in Cherokee Park to provide some inspo if you’re staying put in your current digs, but want to mix things up. 

Speaking of mixing things up, The Pine Room filled us in on the history of the original bar and restaurant and what guests can expect today – spoiler alert, the red velvet is long gone, but the live piano music is here to stay. 

If the outdoor features of homes are more of interest to you, the Kilgore Garden Tour shared how they’re helping those in need while also showcasing some of Louisville’s most beautiful home gardens. Our usual resident green thumb, Steve Humphrey, explains in his column some of the history of geometry as it relates to ancient and modern-day real estate. Bekki Jo Pritchard of Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center shares how she found her home away from home at Milestone and you can too! 

Last, but certainly not least, this issue features an in-depth look at the Speed Art Museum’s new exhibition, “Promise, Witness, Remembrance” that honors the legacy of Breonna Taylor and the Kentucky Derby Museum’s expanded exhibit, “Black Heritage in Racing.” With horseracing and the Derby still front-of-mind, we have a plethora of photos from Derby-related events you’ll find in the back of the book that I know you’re all itching to see if you’re in (wink, wink). Now let’s get this party started!

Sincerely yours,

Liz Bingham
Editor in Chief