Letter from the Editor April 2021

AJ Discala, Kyle Boller, Nick Lachey, Ariel Snow, Annaliese “Annie” Decker Kerman and Liz Bingham.

As the first Saturday in May draws near, so does Louisville’s favorite holiday: The Kentucky Derby. To me, Derby season has meant different things over the years, but it has always been one thing consistently, a heck of a good time! I have been attending the Derby since middle school, when it meant a half-day on Wednesday for the Boat Race, when my friend Barrett and I attended the annual Boat Club Party, and then no school on Thursday or Friday – yay! During my high school days, Derby meant seeing celebrities like Nick Lachey, Tara Reid, Kid Rock and Jennifer Love Hewitt, who once stopped in her tracks on the red carpet entrance to tell my friend Annie and me, “You all look so beautiful.” I think we both cried.

Kate Brown, Sophie Campbell, Barrett Freibert and Liz Bingham.

In college, it meant finishing final exams early so I could race home to partake in all the festivities and reconnect with my high school friends. Post-college, my first job was working on the internal public relations team of Brown-Forman, which meant early mornings on the backside of Churchill Downs, prepping for morning TV spots of Woodford Reserve Mint Julep making with Master Distiller Chris Morris and America’s Chief Entertaining Officer Tim Laird and our whole team. 

Brown-Forman PR team members Tori Wolfe Stern, Liz Bingham and Kasey Allgeier.

When I joined The Voice’s team, managing our social media accounts, Derby meant attending the track Wednesday through Saturday and photographing all the action and best outfits I could find. Who could say no to that? This also meant I had to find the best outfits I could for the multiple days of very unpredictable weather that Derby always brings, including Tiffany Woodard Designs fascinators, of course. 

Annaliese Decker Kerman, Tiffany Woodard and Liz Bingham.

Believe it or not, I don’t have my outfit chosen just yet for this year and the same goes for my plans. But, I can promise that, whatever I do, I will go all out and support our local boutiques in doing so and I hope you will too! This issue is filled with all things Derby – from bourbon to fashion to flowers to food – so I hope you enjoy it! Happy Derby, y’all. May the odds be ever in your favor! 

Liz Bingham, Audrey Lavin Strickler and Natalie Lavin Underhill.


Liz Bingham
Editor in Chief

Liz Bingham and Braea Tilford Miss Kentucky USA 2018.

Liz Bingham and Tonya Abeln.

Liz Bingham, Bart Freibert and Barrett Freibert at Farmington Historic Plantation Derby Breakfast.

Tracy Lear, Benjamin Worth Bingham Miller and Liz Bingham.

Liz Bingham and Ariel Snow.