Letter from the Editor August 2020

Liz Bingham at Cat & Lou Salon. Dress available at Rodeo Drive. Shoes available at Rodes For Her.

August has been a month of change, of rebirth and of anticipation. Our daily routines have started to go back to normal (somewhat), restaurants and stores are opening and, of course, there’s the most asked question in Louisville right now, “Will Derby happen?” We have a new Health section writer this month, Lisa Groft, from Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center, who offers advice on ways to get back into a “new normal” routine. We’ve brought back our society pages for the first time since March that feature locals dining on restaurant patios around town. We also decided to include the fashion editorial we originally planned for our April Derby issue, before Derby was rescheduled. We aptly named it “Betting on Derby,” because the decision to run a Derby-themed fashion editorial when we’re unsure whether or not Derby will happen is definitely a risk. So, if you’re reading this now and Derby has been canceled since this has been printed, my apologies, we lost the bet, but I hope you enjoy the fashion nonetheless!

Speaking of fashion and anticipation, another highly anticipated spring event that did not take place is KMAC Couture. Instead of their typical live runway show, the designs will be presented in a video that The Voice got an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the development of that you will find on the pages of this issue. We also have a feature on a new initiative focused on improving Louisville’s West End called Grow West, one on how our local beauty industry has been affected by the pandemic, a newly designed Norton Commons home and location for the tv show “My Southern Home,” beautifully photographed by Voice Staff Photographer, Kathryn Harrington, a Q&A with legendary hat maker, Angie Schultz and an article on the culinary career of Kathy Cary and her recent retirement.

The August issue also includes the regular columns by Liz Gastiger and Kevin that describes the significance of farmers’ markets, Steve Humphrey’s second article on time, and new contributing writer, Barrett Freibert, who comments on her recent Renaissance of self and how others can achieve this renewal. I took a step back from fashion this month which enabled local stylist, Miranda McDonald, and Voice Staff Photographer, Andrea Hutchinson, to run wild with their creative talents that delivered a stunning, one-of-a-kind fashion editorial.

My goal for this issue was to provide stories, information and visuals that will hopefully inspire a rebirth in each of you and will help keep us all optimistic about the future no matter what the world throws at us next.

Sincerely yours,

Liz Bingham

Editor in Chief

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