Letter from the Editor

Liz Bingham, Editor in Chief

Take on a new leadership role in the middle of coronavirus? Why the heck not? When contemplating accepting the position of Editor in Chief, I thought back on my 30 years of life thus far and realized I’ve been planning for this moment my entire life and it was finally here. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to work for a magazine and be just like Anna Wintour. While growing up as an only child in Louisville, KY, I kept myself busy by collecting every issue of the nation’s top fashion publications, from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar, pinning the pages on the walls of my room creating my own homemade wallpaper of inspiration. If you ask my Mom, she would tell you how I had bins upon bins of old magazines I couldn’t bear parting with until I scoured every page, choosing just the right ones to add to my collection. 

Upon graduating high school from Louisville Collegiate School, in addition to earning a top of the line education, I also earned the title of “Best Dressed” in the yearbook thanks to the highly anticipated dress down Fridays where I could showcase my newest fashion finds. I then attended Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, where my passion for fashion fused with my love of writing and led to two internships at local magazines. At both At Home Tennessee and Justine, I learned the ins and outs of the magazine industry and loved every minute of it. Like most writers and fashion fanatics, New York City was always calling my name and I knew I had to try it out. The summer before my senior year, I attended a writing program at New York University, where I studied under contributing writers at esteemed publications including Vanity Fair and W, furthering my love of fashion and the world of publishing. I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and a minor in business and headed home to Louisville to start my career. 

My first job in Louisville was a contributing writer at none other than The Voice-Tribune. I remember my first story was to document a makeover where I followed a woman through each step of the process, from choosing new clothes to a new haircut, and it was truly inspiring to see the joy these small changes brought to this individual. After writing a few stories for The Voice, I wanted to try out the corporate world and spent the next three years on the internal PR team at Brown-Forman. In this role I was an integral part of the launch of Little Black Dress Vodka and was flown all over the country to execute pop-up runway shows to promote the brand. It was exhilarating. I then decided I wanted to experience living and working outside of Louisville, so Washington, D.C. became my new home. While in D.C., I worked both in political advertising and as a program director for a nonprofit organization. There I learned the fast-paced world of working in a media company and the importance of giving back. When the election cycle ended, it was time to return home with the knowledge I gained and I knew exactly where I wanted to work to bring my story full circle: The Voice-Tribune. 

I rejoined The Voice two years ago as the events coordinator and account executive, and my role quickly expanded to include fashion stylist, social media manager and contributing writer. When I was asked nearly two weeks ago by COO, Laura Snyder, and Publisher, Janice Carter Levitch to be Editor in Chief, it felt too good to be true. Me? Editor in Chief? I, of course, said yes. 

Liz Bingham, Editor in Chief

I’ve always had an affinity for The Voice, both because of its 70-year history as a Louisville publication and for what it represents — in addition to our iconic party pics, The Voice tells a story about all aspects of our community. We cover arts and culture, nonprofit organizations, fashion, real estate, dining, health and wellness, families, small businesses and the list goes on. It represents Louisville as a city, as a community and as our home. Every month on the pages of The Voice are the people and businesses that make this great city what it is and will continue to do so no matter what challenges we may face, as the recent pandemic has shown. While we are all struggling to keep our businesses afloat, maintain a sense of normalcy and preserve our sanity, our sense of community feels stronger than ever. I am so proud to see how Louisville has risen up and joined together to fight this pandemic. From the millions of dollars raised in a matter of weeks to support our local businesses to the virtual renaissance of music, art, and culture being shared on any and every digital platform, our community’s response has been absolutely incredible. I am so proud to be from Louisville and to be a part of The Voice-Tribune in a role where I can share all of these amazing things with you, our loyal readers and supporters.  

If I don’t know you already, I look forward to getting to know each of you and I hope this helped you get to know me a little better too. You’ll probably also get to know my 13-year-old pomeranian named Dolce who’s always been my biggest fan — besides you Mom, of course. Let’s all remember we are stronger together and that we have to continue to lift each other up during this challenging time and that together, we can get through this.

Sincerely yours,
Liz Bingham
Editor in Chief