Letter From The Editor

We are so fortunate to have found four couples who allowed us to delve into their tales of how they found one another for this, The Wedding Issue. Their stories are heart-warming, inspiring, humorous and even helpful, especially to would-be brides and grooms. They’re also proof of the power of love, and who couldn’t use a bit of that in their lives. 

This issue also includes an interesting piece about the Pendennis Club, which has been a mainstay in our community for 137 years. Writer Steve Kaufman penned a historical look at the legendary club.

We’ve also included a story about Merridian Home Furnishings, which is owned by Merry and Patrick Dougherty and brings a unique opportunity to buyers unlike anything else in our community.

On a personal note, last weekend, my little family and I took part in Norton Children’s Splash ‘n’ Dash 1K family fun run, an event honoring Max Gilpin, a high school football player who died in 2008 after suffering heat stroke. Norton Children’s has provided excellent care for my daughter, Olive, on a few scary occasions, so participating was meaningful…and an experience that still makes me chuckle: Picture me, my husband, Olive’s “Grammy” and her two Goddaddies running after a speedy 2-and-½-year-old through neck-high foam, splash stations, up hills and around corners. It literally took all five of us adults to wrangle our lively girl, and we look forward to doing it again next year. Thank you, Norton Children’s, for hosting such a fantastic event and the care you provide to kids in our community.