Letter From The Editor

The day before putting this issue to bed, I walked into The Voice-Tribune office, my hands full – though not as full as my to-do list – but instead of rushing to my desk, I stood just inside the doorway for a moment, captivated by the quiet on a deadline day, and smiled. Every present member of the team was hard at work in their own space, focused on their role in producing what I’ve come to think of as a celebration of our city. And that’s how the day continued, albeit with the addition of thoughtful discussion about edits, revisions, assignments pertaining to the next several issues and a bit of personal banter. Why should you care? Because we do, and we want you to know we take our role in this community seriously and your support of The Voice is incredibly meaningful.

In 2019, we’ll celebrate the publication’s 70th anniversary. What was once a high-society St. Matthews-based newspaper has evolved into a weekly read highlighting the arts, entertainment, nonprofits, events, thinkers, doers, dreamers and the people and places who are among the driving forces presenting our community to the world. And we’re just getting started.

It has been six months since I accepted the opportunity to join the Red Pin Media-owned team of The Voice-Tribune, and since day one I’ve asked for your input. That’s because it matters – you matter. I am grateful for everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback of all manner, even when it’s a tad uncomfortable to hear. You can reach me at angie@voice-tribune.com or 502.897.8900. I hope to hear from you.