Let’s Go Over the Edge!

Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana hosts fundraiser involving rappelling down an 18-story building


By Elizabeth Scinta
Photos provided by Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana


Are you dare devilish enough to rappel down the side of a building? What if I said it was for charity, do I have your attention now? What if I said it was in support of Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana, and it’s happening at the Hyatt Regency Louisville in just under a month? Okay, now what if I told you our very own Janice Carter Levitch will be rappelling down the side of the 18-story building?

Go Over The Edge with Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana on Nov. 20 to help raise funds so they can continue doing their work in the community for those who have been touched by cancer. The proceeds will help ensure individual and family therapy can continue through Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana for their more than 1,800 participants.

“It will support families living with cancer right here in our community. Every dollar that we raise stays here locally. We do not charge for anything we offer. All of our programs, 100+ programs each month, are free to the participants and that’s only possible because of events like this one,” said Karen Morrison, president and CEO of Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana.

Morrison will be stepping out of her comfort zone and going Over the Edge alongside four other family members. “I think doing this event for me, like so many others, is something that is completely outside of my comfort zone. But obviously living with cancer is something that thousands of families in our community are living with today and that is certainly outside of anyone’s comfort zone. So I am doing it in part because I am healthy enough to do it, in honor of my daughter and my sister and so many other folks, all the families at Gilda’s Club and in memory of my mother,” Morrison said. The event will be live-streamed on Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana’s Facebook page for those who wish to watch.

Annie Roth, a member of the associate board, decided she would take the leap and participate in this electrifying event. “This event is an awesome way to raise money for Gilda’s Club. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, our doors have been closed to protect our high-risk members, many of which are undergoing cancer treatments. This event will help the amazing people of Gilda’s continue to support their members through virtual programs,” Roth said.

Are you wondering how you can participate in this thrilling event? You have to weigh between 100 and 300 pounds and raise or donate $1,000 before the day of the event. There is no training required as the Over The Edge team is equipped with experts who will help you prepare and execute your rappelling. “I have never done anything quite like this! I’m not a big fan of heights either, so it will definitely be a personal challenge. But I’m excited to get out of my comfort zone for a great cause,” Roth said. Unsure of how to come up with $1,000? Don’t worry, Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana is here to help you utilize your social media in the most efficient way possible.

“Living with cancer is not a choice, but how you live with it is a choice. We are helping shape and transform the way families in our community deal with cancer. Living with cancer with style, with grace, with purpose and meaning and joy and laughter — that’s really what Gilda’s Club is all about and that’s why I’m going to jump out of my comfort zone and go over the edge,” Morrison said. Check out the Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana website to learn more or register for the event at gck.org/ote.

Over The Edge with Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana
Nov. 20
Hyatt Regency Louisville