Hurricanes for the Hurricane

In light of the recent destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, six Louisville restaurants and bars have united in an effort to help the many men and women in New York City’s foodservice business who were left homeless and without income due to the devastating storm.

Susie Hoyt, beverage director and bartender at the Silver Dollar, and fellow Silver Dollar bartender, Jared Schubert, drew up the idea of serving the iconic New Orleans cocktail, the Hurricane, and received permission from their bosses to donate drink proceeds to relief efforts. The two also began recruiting other restaurants and bars to join in the effort.

This week, a different restaurant or bar will sell Hurricanes each night and donate all proceeds toward Hurricane Sandy relief, starting Tuesday night, Nov. 6, at Decca in the Nulu neighborhood.



“Hurricanes for the Hurricane” will take place:

Tuesday, Nov. 6 – Decca, 812 E. Market St.

Wednesday, Nov. 7 – The Silver Dollar, 1761 Frankfort Ave.

Thursday, Nov. 8 – St. Charles Exchange, 113 S. 7th St.

Friday, Nov. 9 – Molly Malone’s, St. Matthews, 3900 Shelbyville Road

Saturday, Nov. 10 – Meat, 1076 E. Washington St.

Sunday, Nov 11 – RYE on Market, 900 E. Market St.

Some participating restaurants are going even further to help. The Silver Dollar’s servers and bartenders have agreed to donate 100 percent of their tips earned on Wednesday to the effort. The owners have also agreed to match however much is donated, in addition to proceeds from the Hurricane cocktails. The employees of St. Charles Exchange also will donate tips.

More Lousiville establishments may be added to the line-­up as Hoyt and Schubert continue to recruit.

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