For the Queen Bee

(1) Reflexions bracelet in Shine, $200; Dazzling Elegance charm, $75 ea. (2) Shine sparkling strand bracelet, $175.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Creative Direction by Britany Baker

Florals and Decor Provided by Mahonia

Jewelry from PANDORA Louisville, Mall St. Matthews

Known for crafting elegantly simple designs that any wearer can appreciate, PANDORA is embracing spring with some truly buzz-worthy jewelry. Upon seeing the stunning items, we got into the springtime state of mind and incorporated greenery from Mahonia to showcase these pieces. To learn more about what the company is offering this season, we spoke with PANDORA Louisville Owner Lisa Jensen.

(1) Reflexions bracelet in sterling silver, $65; Crown charm, $50 ea.; Locket charm, $55; Queen Bee Petite in black enamel, $20. (2) Sterling silver bracelet with Shine Heart clasp, $100; Golden mix Pavé ball, $100 ea.; Honeybee in black enamel, $50 ea.; Radiant Hearts, $125 ea.; Pavé Open My Heart, $115 ea.; Seeds of Elegance, $55 ea.; Sweet as Honey and Tiger’s Eye, $100 ea.; Honeycomb Lace, $90.

What inspired the creators of this jewelry?

“This is the debut collection by Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, the two Italians heading PANDORA’s product design. Drawing inspiration from the nature of PANDORA, as well as the multifaceted nature of women, their debut collection is a masterful mix of key elements of PANDORA’s history and innovative new design details – exquisite stone cuts, glass techniques and textures – that speak to the women of today.

What sets these pieces apart from other collections previously released by PANDORA?

“This launch focuses around a honey bee theme. The sophisticated, vibrant honey bee shines as a contemporary metaphor for the energy of women. Decadent, go-faster stripes and honeycomb shapes create elegant statement jewelry and a buzz of excitement with golden metal, glossy enamel, sparkling details and fine craftsmanship.”

How can wearers of these pieces style them with both casual and formal looks?

(1) Shine chain, $165; Queen Bee pendant $90; Honeycomb Lace pendant, $100. (2) Heart and Bee earrings, $45.

Beaded chain, $75; Sapphire crystal glass locket in Shine, $100; Queen Bee Petite in black enamel, $20.

(T) Enchanted Crown, $115 ea. (R) Hearts of Pandora in clear, $115. (L) Signature Hearts of Pandora, $70.

“PANDORA is affordable luxury. We have something for everyone. We carry four different metal types to make sure we are able to provide the look you want within your budget. The great thing about all PANDORA jewelry is that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For evening you can layer your charm bracelet with sparkling strand bracelets and larger ring stacks. For daytime, you can pair it back and simplify.” V