Experience Munch and Learn, A Farm to School Event

Two of the preeminent issues facing the world are environmental and food sustainability. Munch and Learn is an event at the intersection of these two issues. 

Let us Learn is teaming up with Les Dames Escoffier International — a global, philanthropic organization of over 2,400 women leaders in the areas of food and hospitality — to put on this event, where you and the whole family can enjoy locally grown and prepared food by some of the area’s best chefs, tour the Fairmont Elementary Children’s Garden and engage with several educational and activity booths and a live auction. Some children will even team up with the local chefs to get hands-on experience creating delicious dishes from fresh, local produce. 

All proceeds from this event will go to supporting Let Us Learn.

Let Us Learn is an organization helping underserved children, particularly those who struggle to access healthy eating options, by demonstrating how anyone can create their own healthy food options through small, traditional gardening or hydroponics. By teaching kids these life skills, Let Us Learn is not just offering kids a few fresh vegetables, but rather reshaping the way they think about healthy eating, and hoping to inspire a new generation to become artisan chefs and farmers.