Engagement Enlivens Holiday As Parties Abound

Bill Lomicka and Dan Woodside.

Bill Lomicka and Dan Woodside.

Margaret and Dan Woodside gave their annual holiday party at their home in Indian Hills, but this year it had a twist.

Guests were introduced to the beautiful, charming Miss Kitty Liu who has become engaged to Chris Woodside! Kitty’s parents live in Hong Kong but she and Chris will be living stateside.

The wedding will be held this August at Deerfield Farm, the farm of Lori and David Osborne, out in Oldham County.

Mark Stevens was in the kitchen and all was well.  Charmaine and John Francis, new grandfather Mark Eliason, Joey Seay, Fran Jasper, Libby and Don Parkinson, Davis Edwards, Steve Bass, Janet Falk, Jean and Billy Shewciw and Steve Van Hooser enjoyed superb scallops crostini, oysters Rockefeller, wonderful brown sugared ham, seafood stuffed mushrooms and lots more.  Then there were the sweets.  How sweet they were.

Bagdad Comes To Town

Anne Sweets and Dr. Joe Seay at the Cornett party at the LCC.

Anne Sweets and Dr. Joe Seay at the Cornett party at the LCC.

Sheridan Cornett held her annual Christmas Cocktail Party last Sunday but in a new location. Instead of having it at her beautifully decorated and spacious home in Bagdad, Ky., she changed venues to the Louisville Country Club. It seems that some of the guests are getting older and sometimes it snows, and getting to Bagdad and back is not for the faint of heart!

It was a wonderful party with loads of friends and her charming and talented children and grandchildren; Christopher and Denver, his wife Jane and their two, Savannah and Ben.

Drinks were flowing, the food was special, the band was playing and the guests were in heaven.

It was wonderful to see all ages mingling, happy to see some of my favorite friends – Jean and Sandra Frazier, Anne Dishman, Dr. Tom Courtney, Pat Sympson, Evelyn and David Sympson, Anne Sweets and Dr. Joe Seay, and a ballroom full of fun people. It included Herman Kessler and his daughter Caroline without Amy, their wife and mother respectively, who helped to host the holiday cocktail supper for the Louisville Theatrical Association’s board of trustees and their spouses.

At that party the Silver Spoon served a festive and delicious buffet. After much chatter and socializing the highlight of the party was presented. Board member Carlisle Baker bakes for relaxation. That’s right. Baker bakes. He is a talented artist and you should see what he can do with a sheet cake! He brought three huge sheet cakes and on each cake were the logos of two of the PNC Broadway in Louisville current season shows!  They truly were works of art. His talent is incredible and he deserves a bakery of his own. People go wild over his artistry and on top of that, the cakes taste divine!