Royal Court

Six women have been selected as Princesses for the 2012 Derby Festival. Jhalak Dholakia, a senior quadruple major in anthropology, biology, Spanish and humanities at the University of Louisville; Arielle Evans, a senior exercise science major at Georgetown College; Kaelyn Gault, a senior communications major at the University of Louisville;  Irma Kocer, a senior business marketing major at the University of Louisville; Erica Lee,  a freshman accounting major at the University of Louisville; and Taylor Sang, a junior broadcast news major at Western Kentucky University.

The six young women chosen as Princesses will act as ambassadors for the 2012 Kentucky Derby Festival and attend nearly 70 events over a two-week period. The Princesses were selected out of more than 100 applicants. One of the six women will be crowned the Derby Festival Queen by a spin-of-the-wheel at the annual Fillies Derby Ball on April 20 at the Galt House East Grand Ballroom.

Each woman will receive a $2000 scholarship, funded by a $1000 donation from the Fillies and $1000 from the Kentucky Derby Festival Foundation.

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