Our Voice: Valentine’s Day

Mark and Joanna Shelton with Olga.

Mark and Joanna Shelton with Olga.

My husband and I have been together as a couple for 5 years this month. While we do see the reasons other couples celebrate Valentine’s Day, we usually don’t. We simply don’t see the need to celebrate February 14 more than any other day of the year.

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day has become what it is today because of consumers spending their savings on overpriced flowers, specially marked chocolates and jewelry for their loved one. I am a penny-pincher, so I always tell my husband to wait a few days after the big day if he wants to get me any of those things.

We always celebrate our anniversary rather than Valentine’s Day because it is just a couple weeks before and it seems more personal. Just because my chocolates don’t come in a heart-shaped red box doesn’t mean they mean less.

–Joanna Hite Shelton, The Voice-Tribune Designer

R. Chase.

R. Chase.

Ah, the Cherub, with his pudgy face and sadistic grin as he aims his tiny arrow at your wallet. Has is it been a year already? I can’t remember where I was when last I heard his little wings fluttering.

Not a romantic?

St. Valentine never imagined this would turn into a Tuesday morning scramble at the Hallmark aisle in Kroger to buy that last minute gift for his sweetheart. It has become an orgiastic display of material expectations, even for the lowliest acolyte to the Temple of Venus.

As for me, I am no hater. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love! And when love is the issue, there is no room for despair. Even if you spend it with your cat Grundy and a bottle of Pinot in your new apartment. For those of you in love, go henceforth and celebrate your passion from the rooftops! Just don’t do it on mine, I have an early appointment with a hangover.

–R. Chase, Bachelor Behavior Columnist

Ashley Anderon.

Ashley Anderon.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the “holiday,” whether I’ve had a Valentine’s Day date or chose to fly solo that year. I guess I just don’t see a need for it.

I have been in love, but I’ve actually never been on a Valentine’s Day date with the one I love.

Truthfully, though Valentine’s Day has always seemed forced. And sometimes even Christmas does. You’re expected to show your gratitude and love, which is good; but at the same time a bit contrived.

I prefer the surprise act of affection, that unexpected reminder that you are the one. That has always meant much more and has been more memorable than any Valentine’s Day gift or date.

I will admit, however, I do miss those days in grade school when everyone passed out the Valentine’s Day cards and candy hearts. Nothing can beat that show of affection!

–Ashley Anderson, The Voice-Tribune Staff Writer

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