No Vehicle Zone In CycLOUvia

Experience Louisville like never before by walking, cycling, skateboarding or dancing along a three-mile car-free stretch of Bardstown Road during CycLOUvia on Sunday, Oct. 14.

A city-sponsored event, CycLOUvia is part of a growing “open streets” movement in which cars are temporarily removed from the city’s streets while the community is invited to play, move and use public spaces to the fullest extent possible. In an age when most Louisvillians move predominantly by car, bringing congestion and toxic fumes to the city, cycLOUvia helps make Louisville more active, healthy and livable.

Three major TARC routes will detour from 1:30 to 6:30 p.m. due to CycLOUvia, which will close Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue from Douglass Loop to Broadway to vehicular traffic. TARC routes #17-Bardstown Road, #23-Broadway and #40-Taylorsville Road will bypass their normal routes on the sections of Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue that will be used for the event. All detoured buses will travel Lexington Road, Barrett Avenue, Baxter Avenue, Winter Street, Eastern Parkway, Norris Place and Douglass Boulevard.  Eastbound service will detour at Lexington Road and Barrett Avenue; westbound service on Bardstown Road will begin detouring at Douglass Boulevard.

Traffic will be allowed to cross Bardstown Road at Douglass Boulevard, Eastern Parkway and Grinstead Drive. Routes #19-Muhammad Ali; #25-Oak Street and #29-Eastern Parkway will stay on regular routes.

Detoured trips will stop at all marked TARC bus stops. Temporary bus stop signs will be placed on Norris Place and Douglass Boulevard and behind the Mid City Mall on Baxter Avenue. Routes are expected to return to normal at about 6:30 p.m. after barricades are removed to resume traffic flow.

During the event, Bardstown Road from Douglass Boulevard to Highland Avenue will be closed, and Baxter Avenue from Highland to Broadway and Lexington Road will also be closed. Baxter Avenue, from Grinstead Drive to Eastern Parkway will remain open to vehicular traffic, including TARC routes.

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