Max Morning Show Wins “Star of Touring Broadway Award”

For the past six years, “The Lambert and Lindsey Morning Show” on 102.3 The Max has partnered with PNC Broadway in Louisville, to help sell subscriptions to Louisville’s most well-liked theater performances. George Lindsey, Lynda Lambert and Jesse Rasmussen, the three, quirky individuals that make up one of Louisville’s most popular morning shows, were recipients of The Broadway League’s “Star of Touring Broadway Award” on June 25.

“They bring New York theater to Louisville and they convey it like no one else can,” Matthew Porter, Director of Public Relations for PNC Broadway in Louisville, stated after presenting the award to the three radio personalities. “We’ve been working with them for six years doing promotions and the audience really responds to them.”

It was because of their hard work and creative promotions, helping put Broadway in Louisville in the top-selling percentile, that Lindsey, Lambert and Rasmussen received the prestigious honor.

“It’s one of those partnerships that comes along once in a lifetime. All the pieces fit together with promotions, marketing, and the personalities,” Lambert said, adding, “It doesn’t hurt that we all have the same warped senses of humor.”

“The Lambert and Lindsey Morning Show” broadcasted from New York City in March of this year to celebrate the opening of the 2012-2013 season of PNC Broadway in Louisville, and featured interviews with the plays’ actors, directors and dancers.
“We are honored. And absolutely shocked,” stated the show’s front man, George Lindsey.

The on-air personalities were also awarded at The Kentucky Center’s performance of Billy Eliot on June 26. The Louisville Theatrical Association’s President, Brad Broecker, and Brand Ambassador for Four Roses, Al Young, presented the award.

“I’m so new to the show that being a part of this and being recognized at this level is so surprising to me. We’ve got such great partners it makes our jobs easy. I feel so lucky to be a part of the show with great partners like PNC Broadway in Louisville and Four Roses,” Rasmussen stated after the reception on Tuesday. “I’m speechless and for me, that’s a first.”

Photo Courtesy of FRANKIE STEELE