Gardens For Any Space

Photo by Lilias Pettit-Scott

Photo by Lilias Pettit-Scott

Kentucky is often known for its picturesque rolling green hills and abundant nature. If you’re wondering how to incorporate an earthy touch into your home decor, a stop inside Mahonia is a good place to start.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, owner Bridget Davis knows a thing or two about being surrounded by beauty. “My grandma was a gardener and I got a lot of early inspiration from her,” she says. “Her house was always beautiful because it had nature in it.” Having worked as both a floral and garden designer, Davis knew with assurance that her passion was helping bring beauty to peoples’ lives.

Photo by Lilias Pettit-Scott

Photo by Lilias Pettit-Scott

After moving to Louisville in the spring of 2015, she decided to do just that when she opened Mahonia, a home and floral design studio. Her shop is filled with the hottest trends, including fiddle leaf fig, succulent and air plants. You’ll also notice gorgeous terrariums that can accommodate spaces of any size.

The fiddle leaf fig is one of the most popular trends right now, thanks largely to social media. “We’re seeing it everywhere, especially if you follow Pinterest or any home decor sites,” Davis says. The largely Florida-based plant has a huge fan base as it’s often seen as a symbol of the tropical good life.

On these trends, Davis states, “While terrariums are back in vogue now, they’re going to stick around this time. They’re so easy to care for. It’s a very personal thing too – you can customize them to your own decor.” There is a certain timelessness to plants, she explains.

“There’s been a garden evolution,” Davis notes, describing the long-gone days of only thinking of your outdoor backyard space. “People are even doing vertical gardens now. No matter what kind of space you have, you can have plants.”

Photo by Lilias Pettit-Scott

Photo by Lilias Pettit-Scott

The staff of Mahonia have a wide variety of customers. Their convenient location on Market Street welcomes many professionals, families and even college students just starting out who seek a personalized space even if it’s a smaller one.

Equal to the emphasis on beauty is the importance of education. At Mahonia, customers will be guided to the perfect selection that meets their individual needs. Along the way, they’ll be asked questions about their lighting and the realities of their schedule when it comes to caring for their plant.

“We strive to educate and set folks up for success,” says Davis. “We love to talk about plants and decor. We have a wide range of plants, accessories and decor that suits beginners and green thumbs alike.”

If you’re ready to put a little more beauty in your life, a stop by Mahonia is well worth it. Named for a yellow flowering shrub that is a sign of spring, this shop is sure to spruce up your space. VT

For more information, visit mahoniastudio.com or call 502.785.4534.

Story by Sara Giza