A Family’s Green Thumb

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Courtesy photo

What makes a house a home is unique to everyone. There are as many different design aesthetics as there are personalities. The exterior landscapes we relax in can be just as much of a reflection of us as our interior decor. When it comes to creating our outdoor sanctuary, it’s helpful to seek guidance from professionals like those at Wallitsch Nursery and Garden Center.

At first glance, Wallitsch Nursery and Garden Center is a one-stop shop that offers both an onsite garden center and landscaping services. Yet, while this business can provide it all, it is far from a big-box chain retailer. It is very much a family owned operation.

Started in 1946, by Herman Wallitsch Sr., it has stayed the course and within the family line. Today it is owned by Jim and Mary Wallitsch, who oversee the business and ensure great service is provided to their loyal customers. Now in their 70th year, it is clear that the Wallitsch family has the expertise needed for all of your garden and lawn needs.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

“Celebrating our 70th anniversary this year, it has become more of a lifestyle for us,” says Mary Wallitsch. “We’re passionate about growing beautiful plant material.” Popular plants of the moment are “fiddle leaf fig, a variety of succulents, terrariums and unusual evergreens,” she says, adding that both sun and shade loving hydrangeas are also in the spotlight.

While the growing family remains consistent among their customer base, Wallitsch is also seeing a more and more diverse clientele show interest; millennials for instance, are taking advantage of the services they provide. The shift in “gardening as more a lifestyle than a hobby,” may account for this.

According to Wallitsch, “trends are being catered more to interior-scaping and growing your own food.” She has also noticed an increase in the overall awareness of environmental issues, such as the plight of bees. Individuals are increasingly making gardening decisions that can have a positive impact on the ecosystem.

Thankfully, environmental awareness is a trend that she foresees sticking around. Other long haul trends include organics and edibles, as well as container gardening and small space gardening. People are also interested in low-maintenance landscape enhancements, Wallitsch says.

Photo by Steven Anselm

Photo by Steven Anselm

Wallitsch Nursery and Garden Center offers several innovative and convenient services. The We Plan, You Plant program is a practical option for customers who want to be hands-on but with some professional guidance. This program provides an at home consultation, from which individuals can progress at their own pace. The flexibility works wonderfully, allowing individuals to adhere to their own budgets over the span of time.

Other services provided include delivery and planting services, which come with a warranty. Services aside, Wallitsch Nursery and Garden Center is also dedicated to educating the public. Their website lists information sheets and provides several how-to videos to help both beginners and advanced gardeners.

It’s common for many people to feel overwhelmed before beginning a new project, so Wallitsch suggests starting small. If working indoors, “start with one houseplant and add others as you gain confidence,” she says.

When it comes to gardening outdoors, “container gardening is a good starting point for beginners,” Wallitsch advises. “In either case, do your research and know the conditions in which your plant will be situated. For example, how many hours of direct sun will the area get and what size of space are you working with?”

Ultimately, “choosing the right plant for the right location is the key to success.” Critical information can be found on the plant tag. Professionals are also available to discuss your ideas and answer any questions you may have. VT

For more information, visit wallitsch.net or call 502.454.3553.

Story by Sara Giza