Chenoweth Square Derby Trot

To the delight of shoppers from around the city, Chenoweth Square held its annual Derby Trot on April 14. The event saw attendees browsing the latest in Derby fashion and home decor at each one of Chenoweth Square’s unique boutiques. As an added bonus, Ballotin Whiskey provided a tasting table.


Janet Blanton,Thom Ham and Brittany Dougher.Rebecca Goetz and Becky Sumer.Janet Cundiff, Jessica McCoy and Laura Haydon.David Starck.Shorty Martin and Mary Beth Hughes at Merci Boutique.Lauren Koetter, Shorty Martin and Leaha Julius at Fleur de Lis.Leaha Julius and Tom Atkins.BarbaraCravens, Susan Graves, Mary Riggs, Caroline Knp andLisa Tuell Ballotin.Katie and Maggie Brooks and Susan and Riley Huecker at Lemon Tree.Phil Kelley.Lily Wenz, Sheri Rukabina, Meredit Metzmeier and Rose Wetherer at Cartwheels.Debbie Bruendrman.Lori Sternberg, Jill Ricketts, and Cee, Mollie and Katherine Smith at J McLaughlin.Alice Herrington and Jamie Harper at Gemelli Wine and Spirits.Gloria Forsythe andAbigail Wright at Dolfinger.Lois Stepp, Craig Clark and Donna Osif at Bedded Bliss.Rosemary Delaney.Erica Brown ad Ashley Wright at B. You.Connie and Mike Brooks at Majid\'s.Phil Kelley.Michael Beckmann and  Winkie Dawkins.