Working with Family

Story by Class Act Federal Credit Union

With a college degree, eight years of work experience and a full-time job as a middle school social studies teacher, Jamie Smith is quite accomplished for a 22-year-old. Her impressive achievements are not surprising given her incredible work ethic; however, she attributes a great deal of her success to her eight years of experience working at Class Act Federal Credit Union.

It all began when she was a freshman at Southern High School. Jamie’s teacher saw her potential and suggested she apply for a job at Class Act’s on-campus branch, where students have the opportunity to work at the credit union during one of their class periods. Jamie had such a positive experience that she continued to work for Class Act through her senior year of high school and after graduation. “I practically grew up at the credit union,” Jamie said. She enjoyed building relationships with Class Act’s members and her co-workers. “You’re really working with family,” she remarked.

Jamie also acknowledges that her experience working for Class Act has opened a lot of doors for her. She was able to network and meet many people in the education community, which was helpful in her pursuit of becoming a teacher. She has also gained knowledge about financial literacy that she hopes to bring to her classroom.

Jamie left Class Act briefly to focus on her teaching degree, but when her former manager asked her to come back, she happily agreed to continue to work on weekends in addition to teaching. “I was heartbroken a little bit,” Jamie said about leaving. She missed seeing the members and her peers. In fact, Jamie believes that the connection she’s developed with Class Act’s members is what sets it apart from other financial institutions. “I know everyone I work with goes above and beyond to help the members around us. We’re not just bank tellers – we’re like friends and family there to support you.”

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